Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Your conyugal life will be very good, you’ll skillfully show your partner the advantages of sharing their lives with you and waking up next to you every day.

Also, you’ll make sure to strengthen your bond through dialogue. Basically, everything will improve, you’ll know how to bring happiness to your home!

If you’re single you’ll charm everyone, and you’re conquests will make many very jealous and ready to fight you. However, you won’t care, because you’ll experience love at first sight, and you’ll start thinking about where to buy an engagement ring.

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When it comes to work or business, think before you speak today, Scorpio.

You could say the wrong company name, or mistake someone for someone they have a rivalry with.

Avoid problems by tying all the loose ends beforehand and put on your best smile, the world is your oyster!

Any deals you close today will be generally profitable, but you should read everything carefully, and enquire about anything that isn’t too clear.

Be careful with banknotes, as well as with your belongings; you’re liable to leave them forgotten in the most unlikely places.


The sky will be perfectly clear and you’ll have the chance to consolidate your health without having to make a huge effort.

Your interactions with doctors are placed under the sign of communication and tolerance, you’ll stop fearing going for a check up, so during the day there’ll be a nice and pleasant environment.

You’ll particularly benefit from alternative therapies, such as massages with tibetan bowls, and you’ll experience relief from your pain.

But watch your salt intake; everything will taste bland to you, but if you abuse the salt you eat, you’ll end up with bad water retention.