Magic Horoscope 4 Scorpio
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love, family and friendship are under very good omens. The Magic Horoscope allows you to express yourself sincerely.

Around you, there’s a conscious intent to receive these feelings and reciprocate them. You’ll give as much as you’ll receive, and sometimes even more.

There will be also room for romantic reconciliations. If your partner and you have given each other some space to think about your relationship, now’s the time to meet up for a cup of coffee and make a final decision: you have to either stop or step on the gas, but having the engine running in neutral won’t take you anywhere.

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You need to have more professional self-esteem and learn how much your work is worth, especially if it’s artistic or creative tasks.

If you’re a good artist, writer or you excel in any other disciplines you might think that your work is worth less than that of a technician or a contractor. Big mistake! If you don’t value yourself and your work, no one else will, Scorpio.

Time will go slowly for those Scorpios who have a business related to real estate, or who are hoping to get the keys to their new home. It looks like it will finally happen, but you’ll actually have to wait a bit longer still.


At times you feel you’re just a sheep following the herd, but this Thursday following others will be a positive thing.

Keep going in the same direction as everybody else, you’ll reach less hostile areas for your health with more ease, by joining forces. It’s a matter of getting together and exchanging practices and health-related ideas.

For this reason, it’s a good time to join a sports club and do some team sports or find a group of like-minded individuals to exercise with, without feeling like the runt of the group.