Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 30

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Your scorpion spirit will be a great receptacle for the pacifying aspects of the moon; this will, undoubtedly, have a pleasant effect on your relationship.

You’ll notice the passion reignites between the bedsheets; and to prepare for the occasion, you could make a delicious dinner and a desert with lots of cinnamon, which is an excellent aphrodisiac.

Are you having relationship problems? Then, Scorpio, you might be headed for trouble, you’ll be able to sort things easily, but the issues will still be there nonetheless.

If you’re single, you’ll be especially concerned with looking good, predisposed to flirting and to unusual encounters.

This will certainly guarantee an intense love life for many, and the possibility of meeting someone who sparks your interest and with whom you could start a joint project in the blink of an eye.

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You’ll feel flooded at work, and you’ll wish you had an assistant that you could delegate things to.

Delegate? This doesn’t come easy to you, and that’s one of your problems, Scorpio: that you constantly want to be in control of everything, and that’s just not possible.

Subconsciously, you like to feel needed, that you’re the missing gear in the engine, without you nothing works.

When the time comes to go to the shop, be generous with yourself, treat yourself a little, perhaps buy a nice bottle of wine (to share with your partner).


To use your dynamism and fight efficiently, you’ll need a good level of energy, today more than ever.

That doesn’t mean you should eat lots of animal fat or pastries; but the Magic Horoscope does recommend a hearty breakfast and five daily meals.

Try to have some artichokes (have you ever had them in a stew?), broccoli, chickpeas or asparagus. Foods which promote the healthy functioning of the liver, which will be your weak spot on this, the last day of April.

Also, you’ll be quite optimistic, and you’ll be able to embrace change, in whichever way it presents itself.