Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Some social normatives don’t sit well with you, you’re a bird that flies free and who doesn’t conform with what other people have to say. You’ll definitely struggle to accept certain rigid rules, even if, deep down, you’re a disciplined person.

The Moon with its charm offers to adapt your surroundings to fit your inner nature, so you can have a truly magical connection in your love life.

Don’t seek perfection, whether you’re single or married: fame can also be rough around the edges.

Walk at your own rhythm and you will avoid having a rude awakening. You might encounter some disappointment, but if you adjust to it all will be fine, Scorpio.

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Your self-confidence is strong, but strength without restraining is useless. Why? There’ll be those who try to channel your actions to make you more efficient at work, and this will be like a cold shower for you.

If someone tells you things without beating around the bush don’t take it badly; you should try to understand what’s going on, where you’re standing, and find the path towards dialogue.

Fortune smiles on the Scorpios who work in medicine and research; gratitude and congratulations will abound today, some might even receive some sort of recognition for the work carried out.


Thanks to your soft approach you’ll have some great ideas to improve your health, and you’ll focus all of your energy on achieving new goals.

Naturally, you won’t get back into shape overnight, the same way you don’t come out of surgery skipping. For this reason, don’t skip the rehabilitation, especially if you had surgery in your legs or knees!

The road towards complete wellbeing will always be full of obstacles. Be careful not to behave imprudently, and, if need be, seek your doctor’s advice to check that you’re doing things right.