Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



If you are going through a divorce process, we are sorry. Love ends, as much as sometimes we insist on keeping it. 

You will both be better like that and you shouldn't consider it a failure. You have learnt a lot of things next to that person and the unique moments will always be there, in your memory. 

The children are usually who suffer the most with this situation. Don't ignore them, tell them about the situation, it doesn't matter if they are little, they will understand, and they will be grateful for you to let them know. 

Don't let pride cloud your vision. Don't use your children as weapons to make your ex-partner suffer.

The stars want to remind you that it's a mistake to damage what was once made from passion...

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Don't mind giving money or properties if it's for your own good. This goes a little against the nature of Scorpio, as proud as they are to possess and be wealthy, but it's these stones along the way that make you gain in goodness and improve your soul.

You can generate wealth and move forward, not without first cultivating a certain detachment. It's the way for the universe to continue giving you its gifts and fulfilling your life according to the action-effect laws. When you give, what is given will always be returned to you in some way. 


Migraines and general discomfort in your body are due to some triggering factors that Scorpios don't tolerate very well. Are you just letting it pass?

The thing that damages the most is the time disruptions. Ideally, you should always try to wake up at the same time, including Saturdays and Sundays.

It sound hard, but it's worth it; you will help your sleep, and your headaches will disappear. 

Remember this stress you are feeling that doesn't let you sleep has a lot to do with the way you approach your problems. 

Do what you can with what you have or look for help. Stop overthinking. Looking for help is accepting the problem and getting to a solution as soon as possible.