Scorpio Daily Horoscope for January 30

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The current astral energy makes you see in a different light those you usually can't stand. They may be relatives or people with who you, unfortunately, have to deal with, relationships soften, and you can overcome some prejudices. 

Tolerance is crucial today, certain behaviors that go against your values will happen before your eyes, and they'll impact you. Nevertheless, you will know how to accept that in the reality of these people, it is something daily and valid.

With your partner, if you have one, you'll get to important conclusions about life that will broaden the understanding of both. The mental aspect of the relationship will gain importance. It's a good day to let your partner know all the concerns you have, Scorpio

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Be very careful with the comments you make at work today because although they are well-meaning, the different cultural level of people could embarrass you. 

Instead of making such elaborate jokes that only a few might understand, try to treat people nicely, and you'll see you'll be friends with most of them.

Scorpios that don't have a job will get one due to the influence and the contacts you have that can help you out. So, without being false, take your time to create good relationships that would be able to help you when you need it. 


Other cultures can make you understand yourself better. Why don't you try to stimulate your senses with essences from other parts of the world? Reactivate at least three of your senses... Tastes, sounds, smells...

New things make you hold on to life with intensity, encourages you to continue exploring everything you don't know, and that could do you so much good.

Without forgetting what stability and a sense of belonging provide you with, introduce new food products into your diet.

The jujube or Chinese date is a red fruit that is usually found dried in Asian supermarkets and sometimes fresh in fruit shops. Their taste is between sweet and sour, ideal for Scorpio's always daring palate!

You can add them to your salads, teas and infusions, and even broths and creams. Why don't you try it?