Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


You’ve been a bit nitpicky in love: your level of demand will be high, and nearly everything your partner does will bother you, even if they are just being attentive or sweet.

Analyze whether they really need to change their behaviour, or if you’re the one who needs to be a bit easier going, for the sake of your relationship.

If you have some criticism, you shouldn’t spill it out in one go, but little by little, to avoid things blowing up.

Either way, a well-timed argument can be quite therapeutic, nearly as much as a holiday by the sea.

Plus, you need to take into account that if you hurt your other half’s ego with malicious comments, you’ll close more doors than you’ll open (and you’ll feel guilty afterwards, Scorpio!).

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Doing everything in a tidy and methodical manner, giving everything the appropriate level of priority, should be your motto.

You could set a new goal to progress towards, or even several, if they’re linked to each other and aren’t unachievable.

To find key answers, make appointments with experts and carry out transparent negotiations (if you do, the results will be great). The clearer things are, the better. And don’t allow any small print in your contracts, nothing should be hidden.


Be cautious and judicious. Engrave this into your mind, as today you’ll struggle to resist the temptation of bad habits and activities which are detrimental to your health. Learn to say no to that which isn’t good for you (and be aware of how badly you’re acting when you try to rope other people in).

Even if initially the day will be quiet, you’ll still need to be very careful if you work assembling or repairing electronics; if you’re not careful you might have a big scare when you test them.

Be cautious and judicious, as previously stated, and all will be well!