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You’re feeling less complicity with your other half, but this isn’t a bad thing, as it comes with greater freedom. You’ll know how to improve certain conditions you don’t like, and you’ll give in on certain matters that you used to be very strict about.

If you’re single, you’ll know how to bring out your cheeky and seductive side. You’ll negotiate good terms to have a date, although it’s likely that you’ll end up spending more money than previously expected. Plus, you’ll have better social relations thanks to your good communication skills.

Without a doubt, you’ve got wind in your sails, fortune smiles upon you in your love life, and for this reason, your Monday will be outstanding, filled with enthusiasm for all matters of the heart.

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Do what you want to grow professionally. You’ll be able to enrol in new courses which will improve your qualifications, join a union, or dedicate yourself to learning. Plus, all matters related to commerce are favoured, get ready to roll if you work on commission or receive incentives for reaching sales targets.

In spite of this, you’ll set your own pace, and you’ll prefer to do things calmly, as it gives you more confidence. In fact, time will be on your side, you won’t have to step on the gas, as there stars shining on your sky will be financially favourable.


You know how to develop your inner Scorpio. You enrich your philosophy by being sociable and constantly evolving. You’ll notice some strange signs which show you’re on the right path.

Your energy is channeled on pleasures, in the broader sense of the word. Avoid overeating, as indigestion won’t be good for you; try not to drink too much either, but you already know this.

In spite of this, happiness and carefreeness are around you. It will be hard to stay still today, you’ll need time to go for a run, or do some intense physical exercise. To avoid overexerting yourself, use moderation, and mix activity with moments of relaxation (or fun in good company).