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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for December 31

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You and your partner are the perfect team, you have achieved many things throughout the years you've been together. Today you'll feel the flame stronger than ever. Together life is easier and complete. 

So you don't have any economic problems or any difficulties with your partner, toast with a ring in your glass, but bite it first. It is the best ritual for Scorpios who are in a relationship. Abundance in all aspects. 

Showing that you love someone when the relationship is deteriorated, will be possible today. Just a call wishing them a happy new year will make it better.

It's the magic of the good wishes and words full of love. The resentment will be forgotten. 

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Luckily, your free time will be for you to spend it with your beloved ones and your economic worries will give you a truce for a while. You've known how to manage your economy so that in the following year you continue with this good streak. 

But don't be overconfident, you'll have to be cautious. Take advantage of the energy of today to make an abundance ritual. 

Light a yellow candle. You will attract good luck, which is the most active vibration for 2019. Magnify the energies that are going to be in favor for you. 


You are usually a calm person, but today it will do you some good to enjoy the celebration. It's not every day that the year ends. It's a moment you have to keep in your mind. 

If these days you have been suffering from a mild illness such as colds, low fever or flu, today it will be reduced, and it will almost disappear. The magic of the end of the year always causes a renewal in Scorpios, somehow.

So, eat well, drink, and above all, laugh. Share with the important people for you and for once, don't care if you go to bed later than usual.

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