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Don't let the day end without erasing from your heart that anger towards a person who is very important to you. After a big argument, it's time for you to recognize your fault and to say sorry.  

This conflict can be like a heavy stone in your heart, but it will be necessary so that you have a better understanding of each one's needs. 

Your relationships reach a high degree of depth in general, because you're willing to open up to others and to give your help and advice to those who need it. Keep that emotional opening that is so valuable, Scorpio.

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You finally get a reward for that job you have been working hard on lately. All serious discipline reaches the recognition that it deserves. Your ideas will come out to light, and everyone is going to like that. 

The Universe helps you and improves your quality of life, especially if you are autonomous. Working from home isn't as easy as people think, sometimes you don't have the space you need to finish your tasks.

In the meantime, the energy of the stars moves towards your working issues, and you'll be able to focus better on your tasks, both at work and at home, which will lead to a manageable routine. 


Water contains healing and cleansing powers; it's the best remedy for Scorpio's emotional pains...

Water is part of the tides, not only the external ones but also those that happen inside the body. So you must also take advantage of it to purify your organism. Drink it, bathe in it as long as you need.

It also helps you to improve your ability to empathize and to calm the bad feelings of things that don't happen to you but still affect you. The illness of a relative, your partner's pain... You connect to the intuition when you are in contact with it. 

Think about doing some sport that has any kind of relation to this element. Nothing could make you feel better that swim for at least half an hour every day.