Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


If you think that what you’ve lived in your love life so far was a film, regardless of the genre. Then the stars indicate that what happens today will be the sequel to that film, a new take where past wounds will reopen, where past mistakes will have great significance, where you’ll feel that sometimes time goes by really fast and others really slow, Scorpio.

Some people say sequels are never good, especially in terms of love; if you get back together with someone who broke your heart, know that your relationship won’t blossom. It didn’t blossom in the past, and it won’t this time.

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In terms of your work, the stars invite you to work hard, to show that you deserve what you’ve got and more (a lot more!).

In fact, on this last day of the seventh month of the year, you’ll be dynamic and restless, proactive and also, you’ll have some small strokes of luck which will save you time.

This will allow you to carry out big projects in the best possible conditions, and without losing sight of reality. Plus, it’ll be important that you leave your mark, your essence, on everything you touch. Develop your true self without fear.


Five tonic planets will reign over the main areas of your health: thus, you’ll always have your joy for life, vitality, and hope to make this world a better place, where there’s less injustice.

Having said this, the unfortunate influence of Mars, a planet linked to fever and inflammation, means you should be cautious.

You should especially avoid highly polluted environments: steer clear of smoke, of noisy environments (acoustic pollution), and if you go somewhere polluted by humans (a dirty beach for example), bring a bin bag and leave everything as it should be.