Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Shyness can be toxic for today those Scorpios out there who are single.

There’s someone who makes your heart race, but you don’t want anyone to know about it, maybe because you believe you’re from two different worlds.

But you haven’t stopped to think that this person also has a beating heart, and wants to spend their nights close to someone with good intentions.

The Magic Horoscope stars invite you to make the first move, to get closer; maybe you can ask for the help of a mutual friend to set up a casual encounter.

If you’re in a couple, the atmosphere will be a bit more tense, especially if you have children; you’ll want to have some alone time, but it will be hard to accomplish. Don’t give up, you can do it!

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This Sunday you’ll focus on your well-deserved holidays, and you may even want to travel halfway across the globe to experience the world.

How well do you know your area, Scorpio? If you’re honest, you know you don’t really, there’s many charming places nearby that you’ve never set foot in.

Try and do some local tourism, it will flush money into your local economy, and, more importantly, it will be a lot cheaper than if you have to fly there.

At work you’ll get a slap on the wrist for poor performance. Stay alert!


As March comes to an end you’ll start thinking about the passage of time and how it affects you, not only your appearance, but also your wellbeing.

All of your years, your extra pounds, it all adds weight to the baggage you carry with you.

How about tomorrow, since it’s Monday and a new month, you start trying to reach a few health goals, such as a half an hour daily walk, or drinking enough water?

And, naturally, it’s a great opportunity to quit smoking!