Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Let the bells ring, it won’t be an easy day, even if your spirit was peaceful and loving.

According to the Magic Horoscope’s astral oracle, you might find yourself competing against a loved one, or your partner (or suitor), over complex matters.

This can be very trying, so try and be careful so your thirst for victory doesn’t diminish your tenderness.

Venus will inspire many to find common ground with their other half, if you take the time to negotiate an agreement that pleases both parties.

If you’re single, steer clear of people whose personality is too much like yours; right now you need someone who completes you, not a reflection in the mirror. Also, it might be that the image they project is nothing but smoke and mirrors, just to get close to you.

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May is coming to an end, and you can feel you’re coming to the end of a cycle, and starting a new, more positive one. Your savings might increase, and you could allow yourself certain whims.

Pluto is on your sky, and there’s deep transformations to your economy and in your perception of the world caused by its influence.

Your professional character can sometimes seem routinary, and it could be shaken by this astral storm.

The important thing is that you’ll come out of this as a bigger person, accepting what can’t be avoided and making small, yet effective changes to what surrounds you, to your daily struggles.


The astral environment indicates you’re full of vitality and have nothing to fear; so don’t stop yourself from doing anything for fear of getting injured.

You’ll know how to be optimistic (especially if you wear bright and cheerful colours), the stars will guide you through this sweet feeling.

If need be, meditate for about twenty minutes to get rid of harmful thoughts. Remember to relax, and to go to bed earlier to continue with this great boost from the Magic Horoscope.

A chamomile infusion and some breathing exercises will help you rest well. You could even use guided meditation audio to achieve this.