Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


You’ll have a strong tendency to mask the truth, Scorpio. You’ll enjoy lying, but not to play pranks on others but rather because you’ll want to hide things.

The reasons for this could be many: you’ve made a mistake that you don’t want your partner or family to find out about, you want to safeguard your privacy or any other matter. You’ll know!

You’re old and experienced enough to know that lying and omitting the truth in matters of love doesn’t lead to a happy place.

If you’re single, try not to deceive the person you’re trying to woo by pretending to be something you’re not; if you do it they won’t fall in love with you, but with the idea of you you’ve created for them.

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Don’t be careless, Scorpio. Keep a close eye on your accounts and cash money, someone might be trying to take what’s yours.

It could be someone or something, like a bank with high-interest rates, a gym subscription that hasn’t been canceled or a million different situations which might be draining your finances little by little.

This upcoming week you need to put all of your incomings and outgoings in order, especially anything linked to any kind of taxes.

Having said this, you’ll also be quite tight with money, and you’ll struggle to open your wallet. You’ll be tempted to live your best life at the expense of others, to ask others to foot the bill. This will make you look cheeky, have no doubt!


You’ll have an adventurous spirit, and you’ll want to undertake unbelievably risky activities and extreme sports. But don’t think for a second you can do them on your own, without professional supervision!

Feed your mind with books that require a good level of understanding, that pose a challenge to your brain. If you don’t have one of these at hand, any novel or essay will do, don’t worry!

The main thing is to read. Books favour, among other things, a higher degree of empathy, they teach us to walk a mile in other people’s shoes.