Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



In the past, you've had a hard time, and you're not sure why. This lack of unpredictability in the affective world terrifies you and makes you fear that your partner will leave you overnight.

This is a period in which happiness seems more of an obligation than a full state to access, with so many people who are still on the New Year's rush, but the truth is that your year starts are usually rather traumatic in terms of affectivity.

You feel an urge to get rid of all the old stuff, and you can't be bothered to keep on standing falseness. Begin the renovation in other areas that really require your attention. The ideas that cloud your heart aren't real.

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Small expenses are adding up. Once you open your wallet, and due to restrictions you are subjected to, in your mind, there is a rebound effect that leads you to spend and spend on products that aren't indispensable, Scorpio.

Once you realize this, it can't happen again. No economy resists this dynamic...

Magic Horoscope advises you to set a budget for whims.

Because you usually think you shouldn't spend your money on unnecessary things and then you just start spending money when it should be for more important stuff.

Yes, you like spending sometimes, that is why you work. There's nothing wrong with that, but you should accept that you shouldn't cross the limit.


A weakness settles in your body due to the lack of balance in your way of leading life and to anxious thoughts that come from the past.

Don't expose yourself to your inner world. You're not ready to plow through the darkness of your soul; these trips must be made when you feel calm, take a break, Scorpio, you can't do everything on your own. 

If you insist on dealing with this kind of problem that you feel doesn't let you move forward, that condemn you to always repeat the same story over and over again, do it from safety when you feel strong. Going to a good psychologist is your best option.