Scorpio Daily Horoscope for June 4

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It’s a great day to make fun decisions in your love life, the kind that make you bank on your current relationship, or bring you closer to having one, if you’re single.

Your good mood will make the day a wonderful one, without needing to sign contracts or place restrictions on what each of you can and cannot do in your relationship.

You’ll be able to woo that person who’s caught your eye so much if you try, but if they’re in a relationship (or you are) you’ll end up in a world of trouble, from which not even Venus will be able to save you.

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Currently you’re exceptionally skilled at spotting great business opportunities effortlessly.

So you might get some phone calls today from business people inviting you to join their team, but don’t marry the first one that comes bearing gifts; the best thing might come a bit later.

Mercury sheds light on all the opportunities that appear in front of you, and you’ll probably have positive replies to any questions you ask.

You’ll be curious, you’ll want to look behind the curtain, and that’s what will make your wealth grow exponentially in the future.

If you have a chance to be generous with someone close to you who’s going through a rough patch, don’t hesitate. It could be you on the other side one day.


You’re inside a little protective cloud, which pushes away bad situations and invites bad vibes to come in through your door.

You might experience some discomfort, perhaps on your back or neck, but it won’t require any medication nor an urgent visit to the doctor’s; just some rest and good posture when you sit down!

You feel calm due to a positive influence of the stars, which plays in your favour, Scorpio, and ensure you have a comfortable day where you’ll want to sabour every second of happiness and dynamism.