Scorpio Daily Horoscope for May 4

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The ghost of betrayal will haunt the head of many Scorpios, who will distrust those closest to them.

You’ll suspect a friend is doing something against you, going behind your back, and you’ll play detective to unmask them in front of everybody.

At least your partner will be on your side, they’ll comfort you and will trust in your word, which is a great thing already.

If you’re single, you’ll have a champagne-like illusion: it’ll go to your head fast, everything will seem magical, explosive, but before you know it the glass will be empty, and you won’t even have had a sip of it.

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You’ll make a really big mistake at work, or perhaps you’ve already made it, but today is when it will come up.

What will happen then? Uranus affects your sensitivity, and you won’t take mockery or criticism kindly.

A bad mood can stick to you like a cloud following you around, and make things much worse than they were. The consequences are unpredictable.

Try to bite your tongue, and keep your poison to yourself, it’ll be the most sensible thing to do for your career.

With regards to money, there’s nothing else to note; if anyone, you’ll struggle to take it out of your pocket, you’ll be a bit tight, and you’ll try and make do with what you already have.


Trusting magic or santeria rather than science to solve certain health problems (whether mental or physical) will bring you more sorrow than joy, Scorpio.

Trust the professionals, those with a degree, and qualifications; if there’s a huge price difference, there’s a reason for it.

Your bowel movements will be good today, and you’ll finally alleviate discomforts you’d been carrying around for a couple of days now.

However, eating fiber-rich foods can’t hurt, can it? How about you pick a pineapple instead of a sandwich for a snack.