Scorpio Magic Horoscope 5
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You’re less stressed than usual. In other words, you’re calm enough to tackle all the impending matters in your love life, and you’ll be especially good at problem-solving. You won’t struggle to say sorry or to free your heart from grudges that don’t get you anywhere.

If you’re in a relationship, your routine will be pleasant, without it being too bright or too problematic. This allows you to focus on the beautiful small details (which you sometimes overlook).

If you’re single, you’ll be very relaxed, and you won’t be in any rush to find somebody. This is a good thing, but you’ll also take pleasure in everything you do. You’re a lucky Scorpio, no doubt about that!

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It’s essential, Scorpio, that you start managing the money you spend better, even if it’s just by noting it down on a notebook, or a spreadsheet on your phone.

Admit that you sign up to too many activities and trips and that you also don’t turn down social engagements. All of this combined can seriously impact your finances. You need more self-discipline to stay afloat.

This Friday you should learn to turn down some invitations and to look after your financial security. Plus, it’s only fair that you be up to date with your debts: your friends and relatives don’t deserve to wait so much to get back what they lent you.

At work, you’ll have a chance to showcase your professionality while having fun. Don’t be afraid to take on new tasks or duties, but double your focus.


Be very meticulous about your personal hygiene and that of your house. Do a deep clean of your house, especially in the kitchen. Also, be careful with sharp objects (knives, etc.), as you might get a scare if you don’t handle them with care.

Being tidy will eliminate possible threats to your health, such as food poisoning.

You’ll be worried about your pets, or about their health. Keep the car keys at hand just in case you have to do an urgent visit to the vet.