Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


You’re not going through a great time in your love life, so you should leave important decisions for another day; you feel the universe is testing you and you’ll have to face some scary unexpected situations, but do it calmly.

Make a balance of your love story and fix any problems you find, through dialogue, or perhaps even through distance, to avoid future troubles.

If you’re single, you’ll have plenty of opportunities, but you’ll have to get more involved if you want things to happen.

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You’re headed straight towards success, keeping a good level of agreement with those around you, taking into account the opinion and decision-making power of your associates.

Some Scorpios might be about to close a fruitful deal or exchange, and this gives you some peace of mind, as, let’s admit it, you’re a bit materialistic at present, but you disguise it behind the appearance of searching for security.

If you’re dynamic and don’t settle with what life offers you, you’ll generate opportunities to start a new activity which will allow you to increase your income substantially, perhaps through a second job, or changing jobs altogether.

You’ll feel you’re finally getting a material reward for your efforts, that your tenacity hasn’t been in vain and you’ll encourage yourself to keep fighting.


The stars force you to think about yourself and to keep your work-life balance unless you want to go crazy. You can’t afford to let your work take over your family and personal life, each thing must have its own time, and you shouldn’t bring your problems home with you from work, and vice versa.

You’ll make your life better if you laugh as much as you can, it doesn’t cost a thing and it will benefit you and those around you: the benefits of laughter on people’s health have been more than proven, Scorpio.

Use your great energy to undertake new intellectual activities, don’t forget to feed your brain daily. How about buying a book of mental challenges? They’re loads of fun!