Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 5

Your Horoscope for Friday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The best things in your love life will be brought about by Jupiter today, and your partner will greatly benefit from this (unless they’re gravely wounded).

Warm and thoughtful, this planet will watch over your partner, creating a magical atmosphere of tenderness and complicity around you, where you’ll communicate through gazes, without needed to open your mouths for anything other than kissing.

However, it’s not a good time for making up, if your relationship has been upended mending it will be hard.

Those who are single will feel very optimistic: you’ll feel everything feels just right.

If you find someone you like, you’ll be prone to let your heart call the shots: It’s the best tactic to win the other person’s heart and make them fall head over heels!

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The astral environment will push you to make money in a not entirely lawful way; Mars will propel you forward and give you the will to take on thousands of activities and investments.

Meanwhile, Saturn will try to put obstacles in your way, as if wanting to force you to give up.

Hang in there! Especially if you’ve just started at a new job and feel lost from time to time. You’ll eventually get the hang of it, don’t lose hope!

If your finances are in a good place, you might get roped into purchasing something very expensive, by extremely convincing commercials. Be careful not to purchase what you don’t need!


Things can be easy when it comes to your wellbeing, if you so wish it; especially if you allow someone to help you when your need it, for example, if you’ve recently had an accident or surgery.

Meditating outdoors, at a garden or the beach, will help you find yourself in this world. Otherwise, your bedroom will do!

Lastly, the stars are telling you to watch out for floods and short circuits.