Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The situation you're at makes you feel lack of affection, discourage, but you still think it's better the evil you know. You are scared of moving forward. 

Bet on that person that shows how much they love you, who is always there when you need them. Put an end to it, eliminate old patterns of thoughts that tell you that love is dangerous and that is better not to get involved in. 

What you need for your spiritual evolution right now is to stay. A relationship is an experimental field where you will be able to know yourself better, but you have to resist when there are tensions and situations that you didn't expect.

Together, your evolution will be constant; shared happiness will never get lost, even if one day your relationship ends. They will just be good memories for both of you. 

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If you are waiting for a call, have your phone fully charged because they will ring you in response to your application, and if you don't answer, they will call the second one in the list. This is how it goes!

If you already have a job, it's a great day; everything will go fine. There is no exhaustion or tedious task that can stop you because your will will be above any external factor. You have come to fulfill your mission, and so it shall be.

Take advantage of this day of abundance and excellent benefits to take care of what you have at home. A lot of time concentrated in your things has kept you aside from what is happening at home. Is the fridge full? If you have children, do they have everything they need?


You will notice a sensitivity to certain foods and beverages that you usually process without any problem. And no, it's not about allergies when we talk about this field.

This strong reactions that don't make you feel very well will cause abundant intestinal gases. 

This is due to not metabolizing a substance correctly. However, you can stay calm because they don't correspond to an autoimmune rejection.

The ideal think is that you check when it's worse and when it isn't. You will then find out which is the obstacle and what foods you should avoid for some time.