Scorpio Daily Horoscope for June 5

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Things seem tricky in your family life, you’ll notice that your loved ones do not understand you. But let’s be honest, Scorpio, could it be that you’re the one who doesn’t understand? Don’t go pointing the finger at others!

There’s good news, at least, in your love life. Conviviality will shine, and many will receive a surprise from their partner, an unexpected soiree, or a gift you’ll like a lot. A book from your favourite author, or that new album that’s just been released.

If you’re single, there’s also good news for you; the interest you have in someone is being reciprocated, and you know it. Should you take it slow or go all in from the get-go? It’s a tough choice!

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Jupiter will significantly improve your income according to the position it has taken on your sky, for this reason, you might receive a lump sum of money from someone in your family, perhaps an inheritance (or a debt someone had with you, which will be repaid today).

This unexpected increase in your finances can open new doors for you in life, but it’d be advisable to behave with temperance and good judgment.

If you want to increase some of your investments or use that money to purchase real estate, think about it long and hard before you do anything.

Financial management won’t be your strong suit, think before signing anything, especially if you haven’t sought professional advice.


You’ll have enough energy to face any challenges, however hard they seem, Scorpio, and many will admire your physical or mental strength.

Being too cocky might make you overexert yourself, and in the end, your body will suffer; so try and make time to relax, ok?

Try not to make your day a rollercoaster, but rather more like a carousel, avoiding extreme emotions.

The Magic Horoscope recommends you get an early night, to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Don’t make excuses such as you wanted to watch a couple more episodes of your favourite show, and then things got out of hand.