Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



As time goes by, the perception of who you are, changes. Gone are the outbursts of love and the cravings for conquest. Today your heart is in peace.

If you are in a relationship, you'll be grateful to have someone wonderful by your side. You value the small details, and certainly today you will be surprised by everything that your partner gives you without you realizing.

The truth is nothing changes; you are just finding out new things each day. You observe the vanishing illusions, unexpected revelations, losses you thought you wouldn't get over become liberating, Scorpio. You need nothing more than to love yourself!

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Money comes to you without the need of carrying out your last resources. You have to realize that the universe likes you to work on what you are good at and that you begin with your natural gifts, before choosing ways that don't bring beautifulness to your life. 

If you currently don't do something that you are proud of, this will come to an end soon. 

When the external becomes the reflex of the internal, you generate your good luck, and you set yourself on the path of the mission you have come to accomplish in life. 

With charisma and your own expression, today you'll achieve big favors from your superiors, or those that always want to see you happy and in constant progress. 


Stress is a normal and necessary part of life, but it has to be kept under control. Different events of the day, criticisms, disappointments, and anger remain locked inside you, causing anxiety, frustration, and muscle stiffness.

The key to controlling it is relaxation. For a Scorpio, this means lying on the sofa and watching TV at the end of a long day, but this way of relaxing doesn't have any therapeutic benefits for the body, the only thing that this achieves is to evade the mind. 

True relaxation involves turning attention inward to control and resolve the effects of stress before suppressing it with short-term measures such as tobacco or alcohol. Visualize landscapes, travel with your mind, focus on your breathing... Restore your harmony, Scorpio.