Scorpio Daily Horoscope for May 5

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The words of love that come out of your mouth are blow by the wind, and at times you can be tender and tell your partner that you would fly to the moon for them, and later pretend you haven’t said a word. That you’re cold and hard.

This coming and going can push away your beloved, who might force you to pick one side or the other at some point, with no half measures allowed.

The advice of Venus is, don’t boast too much about your family, about your children’s accomplishments, and your marriage, you might make many people jealous.

And they will try to bring you down by saying extremely hurtful things.

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Great ambitions in terms of work and business will push you to work harder from now on.

In fact, Pluto on a positive aspect will enhance your desire to shine like the brightest star in the sky, and will help others see things from your point of view.

Today’s not the day to propose promotions or improvements, rather the stars suggest that you have fun and let yourself get carried away a little.

You’d best not fail if you set high goals for yourself, because there might be problems that would require you to start from scratch.


Today you’ll have to be careful with accidents at home, especially in places where there’s a wet floor (¡the kitchen and bathroom are the most likely places!).

If you keep an eye out you should be alright, and you’ll save yourself some trouble.

To have a better and more balanced diet, stop trying exotic food from the other side of the world with a reputation for being very special.

Nothing beats locally farmed, seasonal fruit and vegetables, and meat and fish from your area! Go to the market next week, and buy less frozen food, especially if it’s pre-prepared food.