Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Stop being so jealous, Scorpio, they only have eyes for you. Stop being so paranoid.

If it's impossible for you to trust that person, because someone let you down in the past and your mind is continuously sending you warnings... then it's time to accept that the trust that you had at some point isn't there anymore. This relationship has to end. 

Try to overcome your tendencies and calming your mind down, because Magic Horoscope tells you that this time everything is going to be different, but you'll have to do your bit, and stop thinking that the worst is going to happen

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Free your feminine power. It's there, you just have to believe in it. To succeed in your work, are you willing to sharpen your sensitivity? Every person has a masculine and a feminine pole, so this prediction is valid whether you are a man or a woman.

If you are a woman, you're on the side of knowledge, authority and maybe you are even your father's favorite. Scorpio women have a strong masculine side.

This took you far back in time but to reach a higher level of excellence, you need to resort to your women's weapons. Even a little seduction with which you will manage to infiltrate their minds will bring you the promotion and work you wanted.


Today you have to focus on feeding your soul. Stop being in conflict with your health, your body or believing that a calm life is not for you. 

Pay attention because an unpleasant experience will make you appreciate what you already have. Life can be wonderful when you silence the mind's criticisms. Love with all your heart all the aspects of your existence, although some of them may seem insignificant. 

The shortcomings you are experiencing right now teach you to value the health that is yet to come. Don't throw in the towel, the light is waiting for you on the other side.