Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Mercury is banished, and therefore it isn't the best week for communication, misunderstandings can occur. Things can be confusing...

Your partner is going to get you wrong, that's for sure. Try to simplify as much as you can the ideas that you want to express. The complicated issues regarding love should be solved after this transit has gone by. Be patient. 

The relationship you have with your siblings or some of your relatives aren't very good. You might receive a call from a relative you don't have much contact with. 

Don't be offended if they deal exclusively with practical matters, you don't usually call that person for the simple pleasure of doing so either...

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Today, you shouldn't rationalize things very much; you should also be careful with the flow of information. Be careful with what you say, you know... there's always someone who tries to distort your words. 

Business, intellectual matters, changing places, contracts and communication aren't favored under this afflicted Mercury that affects you directly, Scorpio.

Overcome the fear of believing you aren't worth it, because if you don't, you'll never get a new job. You've been able to find a job on other occasions so that you can get one now. Persevere, and you'll get it.


Vague health problems that keep you paralized, Scorpio? Go to see your doctor. 

To alleviate these symptoms, combine medical recommendations with those pleasurable activities you've neglected. An excess of obligations can cause a decrease in your spiritual energy... You have come to this world to have fun!

Even if you are following a diet, today could be the best day not to take any notice of restrictions. Rules were made to be broken from time to time. 

If you want to be a parent, you might as well undergo fertility tests; some medical intervention could be needed.