Scorpio Magic Horoscope 7
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Your priority at the end of the week is making your loved ones happy; you’ll redouble your efforts to make it so, and you’ll ensure everything around you is in order.

You’re overflowing with love and good feelings, and the dreams you have will coincide with your partner’s. Hand in hand, you'll be able to plan trips or talk about changing houses. Your coexistence will be easy and exquisite.

Don’t rush into buying a ring if you’re a single Scorpio; first look for someone you have complicity with, and then you can see about getting that ring.

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You’ll come into some sudden and unexpected cash. You might get a call to sell some second hand items you’ve been trying to sell for a few months now on websites or selling apps.

You trust your intuition in a subtle way and you’re evaluating betting at sports to make some more money, you might even think about going into business with a friend to multiply your prospects. But Fortune isn’t on your side, you must know this before you open your wallet.

You’ll also have to tackle some of your personal interests which clash with your professional ones. As your phone won’t even stop ringing on a Sunday, with questions and suggestions regarding your work. If it’s your day off, leave your mobile phone at home and enjoy quality time with your nearest and dearest. It won’t be the end of the world, Scorpio.


You have some stiffness in your neck and back, partly, due to the tension you’re carrying. Admit that you take on more than you can chew. It’s a good time to think about going to a maseur, to get your body back to tip top shape.

For you, Sundays are intrinsically linked to getaways, leisure activities or parties with friends. But you should flip it around and try to see the day as a chance to start new activities to foster your creativity, especially if you have an artistic talent.