Scorpio Daily Horoscope for September 6

Your Horoscope for Friday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope

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Your eyes are one step ahead of you, and you’re staring with lust at people you should show respect to, whether it’s your supervisor at work or your best friend’s partner! Being in your shows isn’t easy, you have to manage your lust wisely.

The Magic Horoscope says that at times you can let yourself get carried away, but today you need to slam on the brakes: if you don’t control your impulses you’ll have problems sooner rather than later.

If you’re in a happy relationship, you might get the chance to try and add some spice in the bedroom, given that it’s the weekend. How about visiting a sex shop to buy some toys?

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You’re often worried and overwhelmed by your future, but your mind is illuminated by other lights and you can at last relax.

Your optimistic nature guides you in business, helping you overcome any obstacles that appear before you.

Things happen when one asks for them: do not confuse coincidence with causality. The first step towards success is always giving it a try, don’t forget this.

If will be an intense (and interesting day) for all the Scorpios who work in the arts, whether they’re artists or art dealers. Make the most of it!


Changing environment will help you free your mind from worldly worries: if you’re on holiday, or if you’re having a long weekend, your day will be incredibly interesting!

If you can’t afford this, you’ll find a source of positive energy in that object you deem your amulet, it could be a ring that belonged to your grandparents or your son’s picture.

Allergies could cause some problems for you today, especially if you’re very allergic to some drug or treatment. Be very careful!