Magical Horoscope 7
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Today harmony is present in your relationships; you feel inspired, and your partner and friends notice. 

Because of that same vibration, an essential person in your past sentimental life could appear

The planets favor you in this aspect. Make sure you've learnt the lessons life offers you. Are you going to go back to that person or are you going to move forward determinedly? It's your choice, Scorpio. 

If you are single, keep an open mind to love, and something good will happen. You could fall in love with someone you don't expect because that person might not be your ideal partner... Who cares!? As if true love was based on specific molds...

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Sometimes you feel the need to accumulate money and save what you can, and that makes your present sad... When was the last time you gave yourself a whim, Scorpio?

Not everything in life is work and accumulating responsibilities. You know this, but you still resist the call for fun and prefer to go home as soon as you leave work, while your colleagues have a great time.

What you don't know is that in these informal get-togethers they talk about promotions and money.

Make an effort to invest time and money in the rest, and you'll see how life brings you abundance. 


You've carried out an internal growing process in which you've taken part since the year began. You know what you need, and you get rid of what doesn't provide you with anything mentally, such as negative emotions or failing thoughts. 

Keep spreading good vibes in your day to day life; don't let envies and toxic comments alter your pace of life. 

The diseases you could be suffering from could disappear very soon. With a positive attitude and following the indications of the doctors, you have nothing to fear.