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The mood has calmed down; there is some balance in your relationship. A bit of passion, adventure and above all, understanding. It's the relationship you've always dreamt of; negative feelings are in control. Congratulations. 

Get ready; your partner will drag you through the grounds of lust! You hadn't planned it. But the fact of having everything planned is one of the big mistakes in your relationship.

Luckily, your partner will move the waters of passion, which is something you want, although with the confusion of the days you had hardly noticed it. And they know you in some aspects better than you know yourself.

The stars invite you to let your hair down and show your creativity. Leave some space for chaotic stuff, which will be more than a setback for a day, a blessing.

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Omitting information to the company where you work for your own benefit will cost you dearly. Greed is not good in these cases when the stars are so sensitive, and in the face of any injustice you commit, karma will strongly return it to you.

Too much misdirected creativity maybe? Look for your time to realize yourself out of work and why not, to try from the solid base of your fixed income, to start a project or parallel business where you will be able to develop your passion, enjoy and earn some extra money for it.


If you're nervous, playing an instrument calms you down. All Scorpios have taste and passion for music. 

Whether or not you've discovered your talent, having an instrument to distract you is tremendously therapeutic to you. Percussion instruments are the best option if you have never been close to the music world before.

Keep in mind that developing this skill will bring many friends into your life with whom to maintain authentic relationships in party and fun environments.

Percussion connects very well with the scorpian energy, and it unleashes all your intensity. If you do this in a group, it doesn't matter if you haven't played before, you'll know how to follow the rhythm instinctively, try it!