Scorpio Daily Horoscope for June 7

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While others think about the weather, their idyllic holidays or their business projects, you’ll be focused on enjoying love, you’ll want to give it and receive it, and you’ll make an effort to make it happen.

Nothing can distract you from your heart’s goals, and this is a very good thing because it’s what you truly desire!

And due to your charm, will be amplified by the influx of planet Venus, your bonds will solidify. You’ll talk about complicated projects (it’s, perhaps, an option) but no one will take away your desire to fight for what you want, and your partner will appreciate your efforts.

Your emotional and romantic exchanges will be at the forefront of your thoughts if you’re single, and good vibes will surround you so you can enjoy what this day has to offer. Enjoy it! It will only last 24 hours.

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You’ll be aware that your thoughts are rather negative, and don’t allow you to see business deals with clarity; you’re surrounded by an aura of cowardice, but if you don’t risk anything, you won’t be able to win anything.

Today you want stability, you’re praying everything will stay as it is.

Some will be able to identify the relevant information they receive from outside to be successful, with it you’ll have more certainty about your projects and investments. Put your ear up against the wall if need be!

The Magic Horoscope also points out that those who work in engineering will have the wind in their sails, and at times will surpass their own expectations.


A creative energy pushes you to look for alternatives for your health other than doctors and gyms. You have a strong desire to grow spiritually, and perhaps you’ll find what you’re looking for in laughter.

Look for a laughter therapy workshop, which will help you release some muscular tension, as well as psychologically, to relieve stress and discomfort. It’s a real psycho-physical focus which stimulates joy and optimism.

But don’t think it’s a new fad without foundations: laughter therapy is very ancient, the ancient Greeks recommended laughing every day to keep your good health.