Scorpio Daily Horoscope for March 7

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You're usually clear about your feelings, but some of your partner's behavior shades your heart...

You have been noticing for some time now that problems get more and more complicated by their side. Your partner should be there for you, to support you... But instead, they make it complicated for you and they make you feel worse every day. 

Everyone should look for the way to find their own happiness, but think about whether you'd like to spend some time alone. It's easier to move forward if you believe in yourself than placing your hopes on the wrong person, Scorpio

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Unless you reach a certain harmony in your mind, you won't succeed. Whether you are in a race and in pursuit of what really matters to you... You need those two energies: the masculine energy and the feminine one.

On the one hand, you should ask yourself if you are being effective, if you are fighting to get what belongs to you or if your reputation in the company is the right one. 

But this is not the only thing. You should also let the feminine part of you come out. No matter if you're a man or a woman!

This society has prioritized violent traits, having to fight to become effective, leaving aside the art of living happily and doing what you like doing. 


Are you eating well? When Scorpios have emotional problems, they usually lead their problems towards the food field

You tend to eat in excess, or on the contrary, deprive you of the most basic. Starvation allows you to purify yourself inside, but the truth is it also leaves you with no strength and demoralized, Scorpio. 

The detachment of material stuff is a strong tendency in you, although you must watch that your physical existence doesn't suffer excessively because of this.