Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 8

Your Horoscope for Monday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


You’ll start your week feeling very fearful: you’ll panic at the thought of someone hurting your loved ones, your partner, your children, your family.

The media is always showcasing the darkest aspects of humanity, and the idea of one of your loved ones being mentioned in one of those horrible news gives you nightmares.

Be careful on how you act on those feelings, they might turn you overprotective; you might end up having a clash if someone feels suffocated by your good intentions.

If you’re single, your impatience will also be heightened; learn to control it. It doesn’t matter if your date is 10 minutes late, or if they read your messages but don’t reply.

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Uranus will influence those born under Scorpio, and will heighten their need for action. You weren’t born to just sit back with your arms crossed.

You’ll take up the projects you had abandoned once more, and you’ll make an effort to finish them successfully; you’ll see results very soon.

You’ll also regain faith in finding a new job, if you’re currently unemployed; go out there and distribute your resumes in person, but also carry on with your online searches.

Every day there’s more and more job-search apps, good luck!


To lower your blood pressure, get rid of stress and undo the knots in your brain, you could try an aromatherapy session today.

The olfactory sense is usually forgotten when it comes to relaxation, we tend to think about sports, meditation, reading. But your nose can be the key to the best relaxation techniques!

Smells are processed by the olfactory cortex, which contains neurons linked to emotions.

If you want to feel better and release your stress, try burning some lavender, rose, bay or even chamomile incense sticks.

You should try to include pineapple and other fiber-rich foods in your diet, so you can go to the toilet regularly.