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At times you’ll obsess over the things that are going badly in your relationship, overlooking all the good stuff.

You’re constantly trying to make yourself miserable, dealing with you and making you see the positives in your relationship is very difficult.

If you’re single you’ll focus on the delights of love, but you’ll mix pleasure with business, and nothing good can come from that.

You’ll have your eye on people with whom a romantic future is uncertain, such as your supervisor at work who’s already in a relationship (and probably even has children).

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To cover your debts, you’ll consider selling some items that have great sentimental value for you, as they might have belonged to your parents, grandparents or other relatives you were very close with.

If you have no choice but to say goodbye to your jewelry, don’t sell it to the first shop you find that buys gold; they all have different price margins, and if you shop around you’ll get a better deal. You could use the extra money!

At work there’ll be complicated clashes; however, in the end you’ll realise you’re the one who’s causing the problems. Control your temper, unless you want to get a disciplinary action, Scorpio!


Take better care of your hair by using natural products (which are also environmentally friendly). And avoid blow dryers and hair bobbles which damage your hair.

Also, add more greens to your diet, such as spinach, lettuce, rocket or chard. They’re great for your hair!

You’ll have a strong urge to snack, Scorpio, you’ll really struggle to control it! For this reason, it’s important you have your five meals a day. And if you end up snacking anyway, try to have some celery or carrot sticks, avoid sweets! And steer clear of store-bought pastries, even if they claim to be free from saturated fats or added sugar, it doesn’t mean they’re low in calories.