Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Scorpio is a sign that is usually devoted to a single person, you like commitment, and you'll do anything to keep your relationships moving forward.

However, today and these days that follow, you won't be willing to be faithful. Fire and passion are burning inside of you, so not even a single person will be able to satisfy your desires. And if you have a partner, you'll feel how some people attract you more than usual.

Free and unbound, surrender to this new impulse that invades you. Life is too short to always act in the same way and according to the conditions imposed on you since childhood...

Scorpios who are already committed should not just give in to infidelity. Before going to extremes, Magic Horoscope recommends that you talk to your partner so that they warm you up in intimacy or to open up the relationship!

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Have you been without a job for some time now? Today new opportunities open for you, you'll have to pay attention! Destiny will provide, as long as you don't stay at home, waiting for the miracle to fall from heaven.

Keep checking your inbox, revise those pages where you have sent your CV and above all, don't stop contacting different companies. 

Your individual projects could also be impulsed. The money you receive from this activity will be satisfying, in relation to the time you hardly have to spend to gain any profits. 


The aspects of the planets around your health can lead to unknown exhaustion. After so much intensity in the loving terrain, it's logical that health suffers.

Look after your kidneys, because the excess of physical intensity, together with the lousy hydration, can cause a weakening in the detrimental zone in the long run, Scorpio.

Warm up the lower back area well, ask for a massage as an introduction to the amatory rites and above all, keep the glass of water close by. Don't wait until you are thirsty to drink, at least one glass of water every hour ensures proper hydration.