Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Don't forget that your family is essential for your inner balance. With their imperfections, your past and even if they are distant... Stop denying it any longer, because this is precisely what keeps you from moving forward and turning the page.

Your family, even if you don't like it, is your origins, they have allowed you to grow. Until you are in peace with these important people for you, any type of happiness will be challenging to achieve. 

If they don't want to apologize, take the first step, if they aren't willing to forget and bury the past, do it yourself. After you have taken that step of swallowing your pride, you will notice that, whether they accept your apology or not, your heart heals much better.

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Stop following those who don't want to give you a job. You have to give up in this aspect. Don't let them see you as a pitiful person begging for a couple of grams of rice. Learn to value yourself.

Charging less than you should for your services is damaging, and it ultimately ties you to a spiral of mediocrity from which it will be difficult to escape. You deserve to get well paid for what you do. 

Another problem that you might face is the fact of feeling embarrassed for charging for your services. Don't allow it; if you didn't have another means of survival, surely you wouldn't have so many objections.


Fluid retention, no matter what you do, has also a psychological factor that is very difficult to put an end to.

It appears when you don't allow yourself to be as creative as you can be. Your half exploited potential. So the only way to make people understand that you have a great inner world, at an unsuspected psychological level, is to enlarge your anatomy, retaining fluids.

You might also be someone who has a tendency to retain emotions. Usually, negative ones. It's not something only you do; people tend to keep bad things instead of the good ones; letting someone know what is wrong, favors the survival of the body. 

However, make a conscious effort of eliminating the excesses and the feelings that won't bring you any profit.