Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You are the kind of person that is powerful and protective at the same time. You are kind and warm with the people you love, but you can destroy anyone who tries to threaten you or your family. 

Being aware of your strength but without putting any pressure on the rest, treat those that bother you from consideration and pity: they just don't know how to do it better. 

Forgiveness comes out naturally today, and this is not common in Scorpios. You have realized that no one deserves your most rooted hate because it could be lethal... It's not worth to waste energy on no one. 

Love even though you have the chance to destroy your enemies. 

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You're the kind of person who's wise, calm and yet powerful. You don't act rashly, and you take your time to choose your battles, but when you do, you are as quick and ruthless as a scorpion.

However, your wise soul is what guides you and makes you who you are. Your ability to see through people and their false acts gives you an advantage over them, and your intelligence remains your greatest asset.

You are the kind of person that knows what they want in life and also how to get it. Some may assume you're smart, but the fact is that your intellect is better than most people's and your abilities defeat others in their own game.

Be very careful today because wolves in sheep's clothing will come near you.


The adrenal glands, the energy glands, annoy you very much. You will probably feel strange hyperactivity that will lead you to assured tiredness.

Be careful if you follow this tendency because the blood pressure and the heart's activity will increase, and this is not very good for Scorpios because they tend to suffer from hypertension. 

Your personality might be affected; you may be more extroverted than usual. You don't need to waste energy just to comply with the rest. Respect your body.