Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


You won’t have any issues keeping the peace in your relationship, as the Magic Horoscope is properly aligned.

Your agreement will be great, even over subjects that would’ve been rocky any other day; you’ll be eloquent, you’ll have the answer to any problems before they even arise.

If you’re single, you’ll want to flirt left, right and centre, and this could make you even fonder of your unbridled freedom.

But be mindful that not everything will be positive: Mercury on a bad aspect warns you or a risk of disputes with your political family, especially the in-laws.

Let time sort things out, otherwise things might turn a lot more complicated than you’d like. At least, your partner will remain neutral and will mediate between both sides.

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Use Jupiter’s positive aspects to execute a project that’s important to you, but which you’ve been overlooking, perhaps because you’re embarrassed, or because you don’t believe in it strongly enough.

Do it now, Scorpio, you’ve got wind in your sails. You might find growth opportunities, you’ll be able to pinpoint them and you’ll keep pessimistic thoughts at bay.

In fact, you could find a good investor, or a colleague who might want to become your business partner.

You’d better have cash in your wallet, preferably small banknotes if you want the day to go without incidents. Credit cards could cause problems.


You’ll be very motivated to improve your health, and the stars will stimulate you even more.

You might suddenly be seized by an irrational fear of driving.

You’ll be able to repel bad vibes by carrying a bit of quartz with you, it’s a purifying stone that will leave your aura squeaky clean and shining bright.

Your fear, Scorpio, isn’t rooted in anything in particular: driving is a potentially dangerous activity, where you have to be alert, but no more than you’d have to be, say, in the kitchen, amongst fires and sharp knives.