Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You’ll have some pleasant surprises in the area of love today, where Mars, the planet of desire, awaits you with arms wide open, to make you experience your life with passion and a certain level of debauchery.

That’s not all; the sun will also enhance this aura of seduction.

You’ll feel romantic and charismatic, you won’t have any issues wooing anyone if you’re single.

For those who are having issues in their relationships, even those who are negotiating a divorce, a key meeting for your future could lead to a possible reconciliation.

If you’re in a happy relationship, today will be a great day to change and improve your life together!

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You’ll have good luck in the financial and business areas of your life, especially if you have a project which requires a large investment.

Due to the planetary position, you should be able to procure the funds without difficulties, and your good communication could attract local investors.

Jupiter should, on the other hand, help you solve outstanding problems which have been making you uneasy for a while, especially if you’re subject to a family budget.

Someone who depends on you financially will pester you to buy them certain whims, you need to hold your ground and firmly say no.

If you give in this time, there will be another one after, and another one after that, and it’ll be impossible to get them to understand the real value of money.


The planets advise you to substitute meat with protein-rich plant-based products from time to time, for example, soy, which is also rich in vitamins and minerals, or chickpeas, which can be prepared in a number of ways.

The Scorpio sky invites you to be cautious to avoid accidents, especially to those who work in extreme conditions, whether it is really high temperatures or really low ones (for example working in cold storage, or with liquid nitrogen).

In all other respects, the Magic Horoscope indicates a regular rhythm, without surprises, but filled with temptation to throw you off the healthy path, be strong and resist it!