Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Number two will be magical today, couples with at least one Scorpio in are blessed today.

This astral luck doesn’t mean you have nothing to worry about, whether you want to face it or not.

Keep the good things, the stars help you better yourself and take on projects which are a bit vertiginous, such as buying a new house or starting from scratch somewhere new. Your partner will support you, without a doubt.

If you’re single, any encounters you have will bring surprises, colourful feelings that you’ll love. Appreciate your new situation, and make the most of it.

Work hard to open up the doors of love.

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Your doubts have been left behind. Today you feel like a new Scorpio, in the area of money at work, with improved, yet safe, ambitions.

This day will be positive both for those who are employed and for those who are looking for a job, the day has a lot to offer, crack on!

You’ll evaluate how stable your finances are right now. Your incomings and outgoings are regular and so they will remain (but be careful during the weekend, alright?).

Look after your image, you’ll have the opportunity to talk about contracts, business ideas and, basically, to draft your financial future.


Take better care of your bowels through your diet, for example, by drinking apple juice, yogurt, fiber-rich foods (pineapple for example) and plenty of water, which is always good for you!

Do you want to make immediate plans, Scorpio? You could surprise your partner (or suitor) by having a little weekend getaway alone to escape your routine, somewhere where you can celebrate your love and improve your health.

Many hotels offer spa services such as massages, thermal baths (which are great for your circulation) and other similar activities.

It will definitely be good for your wellbeing. Take the leap, you’ll have a great time.