Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


You want to like, but you don't accept really well a "no" for an answer. You try to attract attention but without offering anything substantial to others...

Repellent behavior or airs of superiority can be interpreted as a form of defense aimed at keeping people away from you, even if you don't intend to do so. 

It could be said that this defensive attitude is proportional to the need for love, respect, and consideration...

Once you review your reactionary behavior, the feeling of being rejected will disappear, and you will give way to the sympathy of others. Open up and give without measure and without always expecting something in return, Scorpio.

Are you a single Scorpio? Then you must flee from the philosophical speeches, empty of content with which some people claim your attention. They capture your energy in order to feed on it.

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You feel incompetent when you find out that your colleagues don't count on you. Why do you depend so much on the behavior of the others?

The purpose of all Scorpios is to achieve true existential autonomy. A lack of it leads you to underestimate your own criteria, allowing others' criteria to become sovereign.

Without real autonomy, you become dependent on the manifestations of acceptance by others. It is the path that takes you away from the wealth you so long for.

If you live with your parents and you're old enough not to do so, your self-esteem will suffer, and your developmental delay will become even stronger.

You already have the abilities you need to progress in life. Don't wait any longer. You've got plenty of skills, but everyone can have a momentary depression. Go for what you really want.


The good thing about today is that if you've been ill, you are getting better now. Your earache or hearing problems could get better and also your cervical problems. 

On the other hand, your strengths may falter if you try to push yourself too hard on a physical level, so no intrepid activities at the moment. You'll have to wait a little longer before getting back to the gym or that sport you love so much, Scorpio.