Scorpio Daily Horoscope for June 9

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If you’re single, the day will be pretty good and you’ll know how to make the most of it to make up for the little annoyances of daily life.

You’ll benefit from greater sense and sensibility, because Cupid will be on your side, and he will help you accomplish any conquests you decide to attempt.

But you shouldn’t take it as a game of adding notches under your belt, as you might hurt others if you say you love them just to get in their bed.

If you’re married be careful so Neptune doesn’t create tension in your relationship. Your partner will no longer accept things you used to impose on them, which they used to accept without complaining, and this could harm your relationship.

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Certain things are better kept to yourself, especially if your profession involves confidentiality, which doesn’t allow you to talk about what happens at work.

In fact, your professional activities are just for you, but some nosy people, or even spies, might try to uncover information just to hurt you professionally. If you zip your lips you’ll avoid stepping in it.

You’ll have to renounce certain small joys and whims to preserve your finances; don’t overdo things, and don’t go overboard with generosity inviting people out for big meals, who will afterwards not even say thank you.


Fashion (or gossip) magazines, as well as the media, could make you very self-conscious today, when you see actors and singers change their appearance like you change underwear.

Thus, the person who was an ugly duckling yesterday, though intensive muscular reconstruction and a strict diet, can become the athlete of the year to star in a blockbuster, and you’ll wonder how you could do the same.

Nothing is impossible in life, Scorpio, but if you decide to change your diet and work out, always do so through professional advice, don’t even think about doing the first diet you come across online.