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You might be going through some difficult moments regarding your love life. You're wondering if the person who is currently by your side could become your significant other or if they're merely a temporary distraction. 

Considering how much time and energy you spend thinking about it, perhaps you do have feelings for them. Your reluctance to commit, however, could have more to do with external factors than with actual love. 

Try and be happy for the people you care for and support their fulfillment even though you may not be present for it. 

Your pride is an important factor to achieve objectives, but in love matters it often works more as an obstacle than a facilitator of authenitc relationships. 



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Prosperity is knocking at your door despite you not wanting to accept it. Your fears are much greater than any real difficulty that you can face in real life. 

Cooperation is key to enjoying all the hard work that you've done so far as well as reaping the rewards of said labor. 

You tend to work alone, but until you realize that together with those around you better results can be achieved, you will keep coming across the same problems.

Knowing what the best course of action will be is often connected to good counsel. So don't shy away from asking help from someone with more experience. 

Try and change your perspective of things into a more positive one and you will witness a stream of abundance flowing towards you, Scorpio. 


Laugher is a regenerative activity, it unwinds people and replenishes their vital energies. Nurture your body as well as your mind and spirit and surround yourself with positive people. Allow yourself to laugh more!

Don't let happiness intimidate you; it's not something to be ashamed of. On the contrary, let happiness permeate every fiber of your being and prepare to receive joy like you never have.