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Your matters of the heart will flourish, but if you’ve had serious problems in your relationship, you’ll be able to rebuild on top of the ruins of what had crumbled down.

If you’re married, you’ll go on a second honeymoon, without having to even leave your home. Your house can be a little paradise if you set your mind to it, Scorpio.

If you live on your own, this Wednesday the 9th of October, the Magic Horoscope planets will boost your social life; perhaps you’ll live a memorable love story during a time when you expect nothing from life.

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It’s important to never bite the hand that feeds you. Today you’ll have the opportunity to criticize some colleagues you no longer work with, or even bosses that treated you badly in the past.

However, the stars advise caution, don’t say a single bad word. Time will show everyone's true colours, and you will look like a gentleperson, just wait and see.

There’ll be good opportunities to advance your career if you work in healthcare. You might even be able to negotiate a raise.


You need to be careful with the health-related proposals you’ll receive today. Someone might try to sway you with exotic proposals which promise miraculous cures or instant weight loss, and it could lead to misunderstandings.

If you get hooked by charlatans or unqualified people you risk having a catastrophic experience which could cost you dearly.

Don’t be naive, you know the best way to get in shape is to work out regularly and have a healthy and balanced diet. Some pills or a specific type of fruit won’t change your metabolism overnight.

The sun will affect the area related to your family life. Playing with your children will fill you with light and vitality, your loved ones will improve your mood and your relationship with them will go through a phase filled with tenderness and dynamism.