Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Text messages are the devil. The Magic Horoscope points this out because you might send an inconvenient text message full of love (or erotism) to the wrong person. You’ll blush like a maiden when you realise the mistake you’ve made!

Thank goodness there’s apps nowadays which allow you to delete the message (or the picture) several minutes after sending it.

That might save you, especially if you’re playing with fire, with someone who’s not your partner. Discretion isn’t your thing, apparently.

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Managing your domestic finances seems to be hard work, but don’t be careless with your budget, or make easy purchases just to fill your pantry (as they involve bigger expenditures long term).

At work, you’ll make a big mistake, and many fingers will be pointed at you. Far from sinking down and hiding your head, you’ll become an example of personal development, after your fall, you’ll get back up stronger than ever, Scorpio.

Plus, you’ll learn a valuable lesson. The best way to learn in life is through our own mistakes.


If you’re coming back home after a weekend away, you’ll appreciate it very much: you need a dose of routine, even though you’ll want to break out of it shortly after.

Some might even evaluate visiting a place where they were happy before, such as a village where you used to go on holiday.

Today you need some nostalgia, something to connect you with the child you once were (and who’s still somewhere inside, even if you deny it).

That aside, the stars have little to highlight. Everything will happen just as expected, and by nightfall, you’ll be able to rest wonderfully. You won’t even be woken up by a thunderstorm.