Scorpio Forecast for Monday 9th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Monday
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The beginnings of a relationship aren't easy. Especially since one of the two people will still be going with other men and women. They can be ex-partners or people who they have sexual encounters with...

Given this situation, if you really care about that person, you have to make your position clear and that you want to be something more than "special" friends.

If you act with determination, you will dispel all the doubts that may be lodged. You will win over any other aspirant to his love. This becomes solid!

Single Scorpio: leap into the pool and declare your love to whoever deserves all and more.


Do you have in mind to face your boss? Whether to ask for a pay raise, a raise of your salary, or report a situation in the company... Don't do it.

The stars discourage you from acting today. The planetary aspects are not favorable to you. Sometimes the approaches lead to good results if the circumstances are taken into account.

This doesn't mean that you give up on your purposes. Not at all! It's a tactical withdrawal. Stay tuned and watch the signs to be able to know when your moment of acting comes. Use your Scorpio intuition.

If you are an unemployed Scorpio, work your attitude and your own stamp before starting blindly to look for a job. In these moments there aren't many opportunities, but soon the tables will change, be patient...


You may have propensity throughout the day to suffer accidents involving your extremities, pay attention to your arms and legs. Look at what you take and where you step.

On the other hand, forgetfulness leads you to be paying little attention to your body. The lack of discipline also affects you a lot. Harmful habits or inadequate nutrition will gain ground.

It's just Monday! The advice is to leave behind the weekend of excesses, becoming aware that today is a new day. You have the will, now you only have to do it.