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Scorpio Forecast for Saturday 19th May by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Saturday
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The matter with your partner hasn't worked out because you need time. A project that you need to take out alone, ruins all last-minute plans, oh, what a pity...

Looking on the bright side, moving forward that project will be beneficial for both of you. Then you'll have more time, and above all, no worries.

Because, what is the use of giving in to your partner's demands, if you are going to be thinking that you are neglecting your obligations, Scorpio?

Promise to spend more time tomorrow or another day when it suits you, you don't need to get stressed or fight. Life is like this, and the earlier you adapt to the unexpected, the stronger the couple will be.


Your boss or your direct superior will ask you to do an unusual task to develop during the weekend. You'll be a bit scared, but don't despair, Scorpio. Show your coolness and read carefully the advice of the stars:

When developing complex tasks, start by doing what is easier. You can easily feel intimidated if you start doing the complex thing.

It's easy and comforting to carry out what you master. Even if you can divide the work into small tasks, it will be much easier to complete in a reasonable time.

Unemployed Scorpio: don't discard recycling in another area of knowledge, you'll find a job faster in a new area than continuing on the road you're at!



So much working, so much worrying... Inevitably, you stress out, Scorpio. It's great that you have this magnificent push, but the body has limits.

The stars have the obligation to remind you that you need to pay attention to your body. It's the vehicle that allows you to travel on this plane. You will feel low in energy and that for a Scorpio is inconceivable.

You should set limits. If there is work that you can't complete because you compromise your time of rest, don't be afraid to delegate or suggest that another one does it.