Scorpio Forecast for Sunday 29th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Sunday
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Peaceful day compared to yesterday. Luckily. You thought your head was going to explode. Now that you have finally reached certain determinations, you can focus more attention on other issues.

For the moment, the best thing is for you to continue like this, Scorpio. Now that you are finally finding your calm, it would be counterproductive to interrupt the process.

Even if you have a partner, it would be a good idea to switch off from the domestic environment for a while, from responsibilities as a soul mate. Explain your situation, they will understand that you need some space.

Your family and friends won't show signs of life, they will be waiting for you to leave your hermit state to resume ties.



It's an unbeatable moment to cultivate relationships with your co-workers. They will be anxious to give you back any favor you give them, today you will be pleasant to the whole world.

If you have free time, it's very likely that you will meet people who you have an economic relationship with (coworkers, partners, etc.)

You can get information to benefit from the informal culture of the company, or your work environment, if you pay proper attention.

This information will benefit your interests. It's not about you being "the rotten apple" and exposing the faults of your classmates. Instead, you will detect problems and provide solutions.


You feel great, wanting to do things. So much energy without control will motivate you to skip certain rules... Drastic decisions that could go against your health, will suddenly seem like a good idea.

Be careful with the night world, the temptation will be lurking behind every corner. Control your drink at all times, and above all, protect yourself by using the appropriate measures when having sex.