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Scorpio Forecast for Wednesday 18th July by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



If you see that one you really like, doesn't take any notice of you, get the message: they are really not interested in you anymore.

Unfortunately, love isn't forever. It's time to call the shots and stop playing the victim. Don't allow yourself more insolences.

The strategy to follow is to stop insisting. Let them look for you, Scorpio. If not, there you have your confirmation. Don't humble yourself anymore, because you are giving the energy of your thoughts to someone who isn't worth it.

Discard the obsession to be in a relationship at all costs that society is determined to sell us. Once you establish your goals as a priority, that person will be who will accompany you on the road without much problem.


Focus on your issues, because lately you are with your head in the clouds and it's very likely that today you take a scolding.

Don't waste your money trying to impress others. Normally you use your head very well at the time of investing, but today the squares will push you to show power through ostentation.

You will be very tempted to buy expensive clothes and accessories and that you really don't need, Scorpio. That interest in aesthetics and luxury, apart from being an expensive caprice, keeps you away from taking care of important things.


Don't get obsessed about being tanned at all costs. Having more color by wanting to show off can be very harmful for your skin. Especially when you forget to use sunscreen.

Another negligence that you will commit with your dermis, especially if you are a woman, is that you don't let your skin breathe under makeup. It's convenient that you take it off as soon as you get home!

Put all your will power in following healthy habits of pure logic and get a smooth and beautiful complexion. It is preferable to false beauty and to a skin mistreated by UVA rays, after all.