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Scorpio Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 14th July

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It may have been a while since you broke up with that person. It was a painful break-up, but you have managed to move forward.

However, there are days when you can't avoid spying them on social networks. You think it's an innocent gesture, to catch up on what they do "out of curiosity"

But the truth is that it doesn't do you any good, Scorpio. If every time you do these reviews, you discover photos that hurt you, then why do you do it?

If you want to leave the past behind once and for all, really, stop gossiping! Because a part of your heart keeps an unhealthy obsession. Don't feed it.

Be honest, would you be with a person who was still thinking about their ex...?



Everything you do will reflect a special charm. Inspiration comes to you when you feel melancholic, Scorpio, and today will be one of those days. Above all, due to the powerful effect that the new moon always exerts on you.

This special moon invites you to direct your efforts towards internal work. The inner wealth will be the one that will send the appropriate vibrations to attract to your life what you need.

Write on a piece of paper what you most want at this moment and place it under your pillow before going to sleep. And don't forget to give thanks for everything you have before abandoning yourself to sleep, the moon will listen to you.


The time has come to take action to get rid of residual energies. The contact with water will be very important. Even if it's to wet your feet on the beach, if you have this possibility, give yourself that pleasure.

A purifying diet will be much more effective if you undertake it at this time than on any other day of the lunar cycle. You will notice quick results.

If you can avoid meeting people, much better. Loneliness recharges you, after having contaminated you with the negative energies of others.